Deals GHOTEL hotel & living Bochum

At GHOTEL hotel & living Bochum, you can book the following offers which include exciting extras, as well as accommodation. If not specified otherwise, the offers are available to book all year round on request and depending on availability.

Bochum’s unique beer cocktail

Try something from the Fiege brewery combined with a Bochum currywurst: the perfect fuel to start exploring the city.

from € 59.00 p.P.

Bochum variety Et Cetera

Be entertained by excellent performers and artists at the Et Cetera variety theatre during your stay in Bochum.

from € 89.00 p.P.

Starlight Express

The musical Starlight Express is one of the most well-known and, above all, successful musicals ever in Germany.

from € 125.00 p.P.